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February 2022

News Media and Social Media: But Like, Is It True? - New England Jewish Academy High School, West Hartford, CT

July 2021

Moroccan Jews Then and Now: The Lived Experience of Moroccan Jewry In & Out of Morocco Over the Last 500 Years Putney Student Travel, Marrakech, Morocco (Zoom) 

2019 - present

Regular BBC contributor on local Israel news, including elections, COVID-19 and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. (sample clip, March 3, 2020) Has been featured on Newsday, World Service, BBC Scotland, BBC Wales and other programs.

May 2021

CTV News contributor on the 2021 Israel-Gaza conflict.

May 2021

Did Psychedelics Play a Role in Ancient Jewish Practice? - Jewish Psychedelics Summit, Oakland, CA (Zoom)

March 2021

Empowering Women and Religious Liberty - The Religious Liberty Initiative at Notre Dame Law School - Notre Dame, IN  (Zoom)

March 2021

What Israelis Could Learn About Diaspora Jewry - The Jewish Agency for Israel - Jerusalem, Israel

February 2021

The Complexity of Language and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict - Maastricht University, Maastricht, Netherlands (Zoom)

April 2020

Identity and the Israeli Palestinian Conflict - Maastricht University, Maastricht, Netherlands  

December 2019

The Next War Will Be Over Water - Jewish Federation of Greater Hartford, Hartford, CT

December 2019

How Environmental Reporting Reframed How I Talk About the Middle East - Jewish Community Relations Council and the World Affairs Council of Connecticut, Hartford, CT

December 2019

Israel and the News: Literally What Even is Happening? - New England Jewish Academy High School, West Hartford, CT

December 2019

What to do with the Conflicting Narratives from Israel-Palestine - Jewish Teen Connects, West Hartford, CT

December 2019

Bringing Home Zachary Baumel - Young Israel of West Hartford, West Hartford, CT

November 2019

“Broken Engagements” in Halachah, Hashkafah and Psychology, episode 247 Headlines Podcast, Jerusalem, Israel

July 2019 & 2018

New York Times Student Journeys - New York Times, Israel & Jordan

September 2018

Muslim Jewish Interfaith through a faith lens - OSCE - ODIHR Human Dimensions Implementation Meeting, Warsaw, Poland

August 2018

The History of Muslim-Jewish Harmony in Morocco - Dar Souiri, Essaouira, Morocco

August 2018

February 2018

Can Climate Cause War? - 2 Nice Jewish Boys - Podcast - Tel Aviv, Israel

June 2017

Presenting Our Research - Diarna Project, New York, NY

November 2017

Reporting on Climate Innovation - World Economic Forum - Youth Futures Conference Hangzhou, China

August 2016

The Sacred Time of Shabbat - Muslim Jewish Conference, Berlin, Germany

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